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We are now able supply AND install the Unifi Video Surveillance system. This system allows remote viewing using an internet connection. Click here for more information on the range or contact us to discuss.


View examples of our CCTV/Surveillance Systems here


Download Unifi Video System Manual

Wifi Links

We supply and install long range wifi links to relay the internet to your milking shed or workshop using Ubiquiti equipment. It requires a line of sight between the host and destination building and is very reliable even in bad weather. We can even relay it via another building if there is no direct line of sight. Click the examples below to see one of our sites.


  • Image 1-  Milking Shed
  • Image 2 - Relay link between House and Milking Shed

Computer Maintenance

We can provide general computer maintenance and repairs for all types of laptop and desktop computers including spare parts, hardware failures, servicing and upgrades. We are an HP partner and can supply new HP laptops and desktops as required to suit the client’s needs.


If you are looking for a good,  reliable Laptop computer, we recommend the HP 450 G5 Probook Notebook range. The 450 model has a full sized keyboard, 15.6" Screen, built-in Webcam and Solid State Drive for excellent performance and separate numeric keypad.

This is the latest in the excellent line of mid-range machines from HP. This range has a proven track record, provide excellent functionality, top-level after sales service and are built by the world leader in Portable Computers. 

Prices are from $1,295 excl gst.

Download HP ProBook Brochure


If you are looking for a reliable, solid desktop computer for either business or personal use then we would recommend the HP Prodesk 600 G3 range.

It comes with the latest Intel i5 & i7 processors and supports up to a maximum of 64GB Memory, with a Solid State Drive capacity of 256 GB for awesome performance. They also come complete with a 3 year parts/labour warranty. These are supplied with Windows 10.

Prices start at $1,395 + gst excluding screen.

Download HP ProDesk Brochure

Hp Notebooks

For more information about the quality of HP Notebooks and why you should purchase HP, click on the links below for more information