About Us

Southtech Ltd is owned and operated by Stew & Emma Bryan. They moved to Winton in January of 2004 from the UK with their children Katy and Callum.  Archie (their only kiwi) arrived in 2006.

They started the business in August of 2004 from the spare bedroom of their home, working evenings and weekends whilst Stew continued to hold down another job in Invercargill. By January 2006 Stew was working full time from an office at home. In August of that year theytook the plunge & opened up their shop in Winton which served as both an office & retail premises.

In 2016 Emma left the business full time to take up a role as Data Manager for Central Southland College. She still retains an interest in the business and works at the shop as/when her other commitments allow.

In May of 2017 CSCS showed they were here for the long haul when they purchased and moved to larger premises. They moved from their rented premises to the newly refurbished workshop further down the main street of Winton. This gave them much needed room for their equipment and also a meeting/demo room for clients.

They cover the whole of Southland, from Invercargill to Te Anau, Riverton to Balfour and even have clients in the lovely Milford Sound!

Stew  - Has worked in the computer industry for nearly 30 years and his pet hate is all of the techno-babble that the industry likes to use. He likes to keep the geek-speak to a minimum wherever possible.  He's a Senior Firefighter in the Winton Volunteer Fire Brigade so when he's not on the fire truck or generally making a nuisance of himself at home, he has been known to make brief appearances at the shop and pretend to do some work.

Emma - As well as being a housewife, superstar & mother, incredibly Em manages to squeeze some hours into her busy schedule to do some of the office work from home. She's also been seen in the workshop during the school holidays when Stew can't be bothered to turn up.


Stew’s extensive knowledge of everything IT has allowed our business’ computer, security cameras, internet provider and overall IT requirements to be more streamlined and easier to manage than the previous systems that were in place.

Stew discusses all options available, in plain language, and has never put any pressure on at all to buy into his services or products.

Stew is readily available and will always return SOS calls quickly through a phone call, email or remotely connecting to our office computer. With non-urgent calls, we appreciate that Stew will wait to physically visit until he has a few clients in the Te Anau area so the travel costs are shared between all clients resulting in less travel charges for all.

We highly recommend Stew’s services at Southtech.

Mel & Mark Witham Arran Motel, Te Anau

Being remotely located, having a pro-active, smart and committed IT support partner is critical to our success.  Stew has driven a dramatic change from a state of constant fire-fighting to a planned, robust, practical and user-friendly IT environment, adding value to our business at each step of the process.  Stew has not failed us once when we have needed him.  He is a true professional and a key member of our team.

Christine Wallace Milford Sound Lodge

Overall the rural computer service of Winton is outstanding. Always more than happy to help either by phone or face to face, providing a user friendly approach that is at a level that assists to you understand the in's and out's of computing.

Rochelle Robins Weka PreSchool